Wednesday, June 22, 2016

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Monday, June 13, 2016


1. get research for science by week 8

      2. have 3 or more pages of research

      3.  Have 5 detailed facts
      4. have 5 normal facts
      5. Have 5 interesting facts

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

My science questioning

1. Q. How many planets are there and how do the planets stay in orbit around the sun?
2. Q. How many moons are on Jupiter?
3. Q. Why do mercury’s temperature changes so much from night to day?
Q. Which planet is the only to have life on it?
5. Q.How many official moons were there in 2015?

1. A. There are 8 planets in our solar system and the Solar System was formed from a rotating cloud of gas and dust which spun around to form a star, our Sun at its centre . The planets all formed from this spinning disk-shaped cloud, and continued this rotating course around the Sun after they were formed. The gravity of the Sun keeps the planets in their orbits. They stay in their orbits because there is no other force in the Solar System which can stop them.

2. A. Jupiter has 67 known moons

3. A. In order to understand the diurnal temperature fluctuation of Mercury, you've got to understand one of the many properties of water. Water has a very high capacity for holding heat, also called the specific heat capacity. The specific heat of a substance is basically a description of how much heat the substance (water) must adsorb to increase in temperature. In the case of water, it takes 4.18 joules of energy to increase the temperature of 1 gram of water by 1 degree C. For comparison, the specific heat of quartz (the most common soil mineral) is 0.83 joules per gram quartz per degree C. You don't need to totally understand the units, just know that it takes much more heat to increase the temperature of water than it does to increase the temperature of most all other soil components.

4. A. Earth

5.  A.  In 2015, there were 146 official moons in the Solar System.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Food fair

 Two weekends ago I helped with the food fair. I setup and ran a game called Wipeout with Kelly, Michael, Vannisah, Harriet and Mackenzie but we had to shut it down because people were steeling the lollipops.😔 So we just walked around and looked at the stalls.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


In Keeping ourself safe we have learnt about all the different types of abuse like emotional, sexinal, physical  and neglect. The next thing is you should tell someone you trust before it gets worse and things end up being abuse. You also should not trust a stranger and get to know them more before you got to there house or they come to yours. The last thing you should know is it is never your fault because you are not bullying that person it is that they are the one bullying you.

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